I'm very proud to be in studio with Umberto Tozzi to record some tunes featuring anastacia 









I'm very honoured to be on stage at Coca Cola Summer festival 2016                         with Biagio Antonacci  











I'm Pleased to announce that i will be on stage with the italian singer POVIA










I am pleased to announce my new partnership with Backline Surl for the brand Lakland bass guitars


Sono lieto di annunciare la mia nuova collaborazione con Backline Surl per il marchio Lakland bass guitars












On tour with Alex Carpani Band with David Cross & David Jackson.









Recording Sessions in the Antoniano Studios in Bologna with the Arranger and director Sandro Comini








17 - 11 2014


Gb Giorgi recorded bass lines for the entire album CD "TuttiquantiMery" of the italian singer Matteo Becucci.







17 - 11 2014


Gb Giorgi recorded bass lines for the song "Mery" and for the other songs of the album of the italian singer Matteo Becucci.





09 - 11 - 2014


Gb Giorgi is the winner of Massimo Mutti Award 2014, for participation in the concert of the Jazz Big Band of the conservatory GB Martini of Bologna at the Bologna jazz festival 2014 edition.


The committee made up of John Taylor, Diana Torto, Julian Siegel, Massimo Morganti, Tommaso Lama, Tiziano Barbieri, Francesco Bettini assigns a scholarship for international courses of advanced specialization at Siena Jazz Foundation, National Academy of Jazz.






Gb Giorgi on stage as session bass player for some gigs with Umberto Tozzi, for the tour "Yesterday, Today".







Gb Giorgi will be on stage for some gigs with Alan Sorrenti








Gb Giorgi recorded the bass lines of the new ACB album "4 Destinies" featuring David Jackson.









Gb Giorgi will tour with ACB and David Jackson.











Gb Giorgi endorses Sansone Strings







​Gb Giorgi recording bass lines the new Glaccio Tavoni's solo album "The 6th Sens".

A complete instrumental fusion album by the ecclectic guitarist.









Gb Giorgi on  Tour with  Anna Oxa - History Tour










Gb Giorgi on tour with ACB feat David Jackson.








Giambattista Giorgi on Tour with  Annalisa Scarrone - "Mentre tutto cambia" tour